Flagler Sheriff's Police Athletic League

Dec 2021 Winter Race Series


Welcome to the Winter Session Run Flagler Race Series Registration!

WHEN: Dec 4th through JAN 15th 2022

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.


Dear Player Athletes and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):  

Flagler Sheriff’s Police Athletic League (FSPAL) is committed to providing your child a safe and healthy environment in which to participate in. Along with our parent organization and the Sport Affiliation Group, we stress the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork in addition to teaching the fundamentals and skills of each sport. Also our # 1 priority is safety for our Players, our Coaches, and our Families in the stands and the Officials. Please remember and keep in the mind that YOU are responsible not only for your own behavior, but also that of your child/children and any guest(s) that you may have invited to the park/ game. The following guidelines are provided to remind you of how you can assist us in accomplishing these goals:  

  1. We are all volunteers. If you have a disagreement, do not discuss it in front of the children.
  2. We must respect the umpires and officials. Teach your child to do the same.
  3. Managers, coaches, parents and teammates must be positive with remarks and actions.
  4. Children need encouragement. Criticism and negativity will cause your child to be less enthusiastic.
  5. We must show respect to each other.

FSPAL will NOT tolerate inappropriate behavior. Consequently, If at any event, a person verbally abuses, attempts to intimidate, becomes rude, lacks control over their language and/ or lacks control of actions towards a player, a coach, an official, or any other parent or volunteer; That person will be asked to leave the event by either an Umpire, a FSPAL Coach, a FSPAL Board Member and or FCSO.  The person will receive a written warning and one game suspension. All incidents will be reviewed by the FSPAL Executive Board. 

If a Second Offense occurs, the individual will be banned for the remainder of the season. 

Note:  Any person(s) who physically assaults any player, coach, official, volunteer, or spectator; will automatically be banned from FSPAL for a minimum of one full year and possibly longer depending on the circumstances. Physical assault includes but is not limited to: hitting, slapping, pushing, spitting, kicking, shaking or striking. If you are involved in any incident or witness to one, you contact your program coordinator. 

Should any other problems arise, feel free to contact in the following order (skipping over the person the problem involves):

  1. Team Manger
  2. Program Coordinator
  3. Director of FSPAL
  4. Executive Director ( FCSO)  

The contact information for the above may be found on our website at www.flaglersheriffspal.org

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with this important matter and look forward to a fun, competitive and safe season. 


Please direct questions to:

Kerri Henderson


Phone: 3865862655